Glycosyn has developed and protected proprietary technology to manufacture hMOS through biosynthesis, including the hMOS most common in mother’s milk. Although small quantities can also be produced using chemical or enzymatic synthesis, only biosynthesis can produce industrial quantities at reasonable cost, and Glycosyn’s production strain and processes are entirely proprietary.

The Company’s lead oligosaccharide is 2’-fucosyllactose (2’-FL). 2’-FL is the single most abundant hMOS in human milk. Glycosyn has developed a proprietary engineered E.coli 2’-FL production strain, and a scalable 2’-FL fermentation/purification process. Glycosyn has contracted with a major global company for commercial production and distribution of 2’-FL, which will begin appearing in infant formula and other health and wellness products in 2017.

Production strains and fermentation/purification processes for the manufacture of 15 additional major hMOS in both the neutral and acidic classes have been developed, with production levels demonstrated at or close to commercial viability for a number of these. Additionally, amounts of these rare oligosaccharide molecules sufficient to support preclinical studies in nutrition and disease are being produced routinely in Glycosyn’s laboratories and provided to collaborating scientists.